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Markus Schinwald

Information Sheet concerning the press conference on 27 October 2011, 10 am

The Austrian artist, born in 1973, is regarded as a shooting star, who has already presented a highly diverse and independent oeuvre in numerous international solo
In his objects, installations, photographs, video films and performances, it seems that the subconscious has taken over control. In museum arrangements Schinwald designs spaces of agency, in which objects achieve a disquieting corporeality and which could serve as backdrops for intensely psychologically charged performances. Lifeless objects are animated, dolls lead a life of their own, spaces provide unexpected discoveries.
Schinwald borrows from high culture and from the world of carnivals, from myths and fairy tales, from the history of modernism and from contemporary pop culture. Deformations of the psyche are acted out and find alienating physical correspondences.

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Material zur Ausstellung Markus Schinwald

Material zur Ausstellung Markus Schinwald

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