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Information Sheet concerning the press conference on 10 August 2011, 10am RALO MAYER Obviously a major malfunction / KAGO KAGO KAGO BE... (12.8.-23.10.2011) ... (Woran glauben die Motten, wenn sie zu den Lichtern streben) 4.56-billion-year-old meteorites, a painting from the collection of the LENTOS, a closed eco system and a checklist that travelled to the moon and back with the astronauts on board Apollo: four highly diverse objects that are used by Ralo Mayer (b. 1976, lives/works in Vienna) in the first part of his exhibition to throw light on his own work from the last few years. Space, the history of its exploration and utopias that tried (in the past) to predict what the world would look like in the future form the thematic backdrop for these works. Like all science fiction that deserves the name, they are deeply rooted in present-day reality and transfer social and economic facts into multifaceted stories.

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