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Acquisitions 2011


  • Barbara Eichhorn, Forbidden Love, 2007
  • VALIE EXPORT, Metanoia, 1962 and Identitätstransfer I, 2000 (1968)
  • Asta Gröting, Space between two Lovers/Unfolded and Clear, 2009
  • Maria Hahnenkamp, Untitled, 1993
  • Maja Vukoje, Minotauri, 2010
  • Peter Weibel, Drei Linien – Eine Reise, 1973–75

Some of the acquisitions were supported by Galerienförderung des Bundes.



  • Donation of th elentos.friends:
    Siegfried Anzinger
    , Wasserfall, 2010

  • Donations from the collection Maria and Gerald Fischer-Colbrie (selection):
    Veronika Erhart
    , Serie impact cube 32, 2011
    15 works on paper, by Maria Lassnig, Bruno Gironcoli, Günter Brus, gelitin, and others 

  • Donation Otto Staininger:
    12 drypoints by Elfriede Trautner

  • Donation Arno Figl:
    Herbert Bayer
    , Dorf in Oberösterreich, 1922

  • Donation Peter Baum:
    Peter Blaas
    , Untitled, 1981
    Ernst Len, Epistel von den Beichtigern oeuvre no. M 289 6313 160281 981, 1981
    Peter Baum, Gilbert & George in Wolfsburg, 1994

  • Donations by artists:
    Lorenz Estermann
    , Rampe II, 2011
    Brigitte Kowanz, Veschlüsselte Nachricht, 2009
    Julius Deutschbauer, Maja Degirmendiz, 6 posters

The LENTOS’s collections keep growing

Every year works of art are acquired to be integrated into the LENTOS’s holdings in connection with exhibitions, well established focal points of collecting and ongoing scholarly projects. These acquisitions are regularly supplemented by generous gifts and donations from artists and supporters of the Museum. Significant contributions are also made by the Friends of the LENTOS, the LENTOS Freunde.

To find out what works have been acquired by the LENTOS in the more recent past, check individual years from 2003 for an illustrated selection of newcomers.

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