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Our play list contains videos of the most diverse kind. We record impressions of exhibition openings and a wide range of different events. To keep you up-to-date, our cameras track the “making-of” of exhibitions and drop in on an assortment of educational activities. This enables you to obtain a close-up virtual view of what’s going on at the LENTOS.
 Most of the videos are in German, the English ones are especially marked. Thank you for bearing with us.

'1918 was a year of doom, not only for the monarchy, but also for the Austrian Art of Art Nouveau. Schiele, Klimt and Moser died and left a great artistic vacuum,' says Elisabeth Nowak-Thaller on the background to the exhibition 1918 - Klimt · Moser · Schiele. More information about the exhibition and further interviews with the curators Brigitte Reutner and Andreas Strohhammer can be found in the video.

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Photo: © Christian Plach