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Our play list contains videos of the most diverse kind. We record impressions of exhibition openings and a wide range of different events. To keep you up-to-date, our cameras track the “making-of” of exhibitions and drop in on an assortment of educational activities. This enables you to obtain a close-up virtual view of what’s going on at the LENTOS.
 Most of the videos are in German, the English ones are especially marked. Thank you for bearing with us.

The Artist Marko Lulić, Curator Wilfried Kuehn and LENTOS Director Hemma Schmutz talk about the exhibition Marko Lulić. Futurology.
In cooperation with Dorf tv

talks about his great retrospective at the LENTOS Kunstmuseum
In cooperation with dorf tv

THE COLLECTION. Classic Works, Discoveries and New Positions

LENTOS-Director Stella Rollig, artist Verena Dengler and artist Hans Kupelwieser talk about the exhibition THE COLLECTION. Classic, Discoveries and New Positions, New Hanging from 5 February 2016
 In cooperation with dorf tv

talks about his room in the exhibition in THE COLLECTION. Classic Works, Discoveries and New Positions
In cooperation with dorf tv

Gallery owner and exhibition organizer René Block and Director of the Neuer Berliner Kunstverein Marius Babias talk about the exhibition Ich kenne kein Weekend. The Archive and collection of René Block.
 In cooperation with dorf tv

ANYA TITOVA. A Time Capsule
Anya Titova talks about her exhibition Anya Titova. A Time Capsule
In cooperation with dorf tv
In English language

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