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Our play list contains videos of the most diverse kind. We record impressions of exhibition openings and a wide range of different events. To keep you up-to-date, our cameras track the “making-of” of exhibitions and drop in on an assortment of educational activities. This enables you to obtain a close-up virtual view of what’s going on at the LENTOS.
 Most of the videos are in German, the English ones are especially marked. Thank you for bearing with us.

WHO WAS 1968? Art, Architecture, Society
"The cry is a weapon for me," says artist Johann Jascha about his Screaming Action on the occasion of the exhibition opening in the LENTOS. In an interview, Jascha and the artists Josef Bauer, Waltraud Cooper and curator Hedwig Saxenhuber talk about their personal references to the year of transition in 1968. 
In Cooperation with dorf TV

"Black sea women are strong women, they endure a lot, too much, in my opinion," says artist Nilbar Güreş on the series TrabZONE in which she stages her female relatives in poetic photographs. In the video the artist and curator Silvia Eiblmayr talk about the current show at the LENTOS. In Cooperation with dorf TV

'1918 was a year of doom, not only for the monarchy, but also for the Austrian Art of Art Nouveau. Schiele, Klimt and Moser died and left a great artistic vacuum,' says Elisabeth Nowak-Thaller on the background to the exhibition 1918 - Klimt · Moser · Schiele. More information about the exhibition and further interviews with the curators Brigitte Reutner and Andreas Strohhammer can be found in the video. In Cooperation with dorf TV

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