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Information Sheet concerning the pess conference on 24 Nov 2010, 10 am
JUNGE WILDE. Works on paper
(26 Nov 2010-9 Jan 2011)

After the Conceptual Art, the videos, installations and photo work of the 1970s, young Austrian artists re-established a rapport with gestural expressionism as defined within the tradition of Austrian painting by Richard Gerstl, Oskar Kokoschka and Max Weiler. The "Junge Wilde", whose first generation included Siegfried Anzinger, Alfred Klinkan, Erwin Bohatsch, Hubert Schmalix and Alois Mosbacher, developed spontaneously flowing compositions executed with considerable panache, mostly featuring figurative subjects. Hubert Scheibl, Gunter Damisch and Herbert Brandl, while sharing their dynamism and virulence, tended to adopt more abstract styles of representation.

The LENTOS exhibition consists of prints from the museum's collection supplemented by selected historic statements on the "Junge Wilde" by art critics and theorists that will remain valid for the foreseeable future.

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Press material

Press material

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