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Troublemakers - Enfants Terribles of the Avant-Garde
Oskar Kokoschka - A vagabond in Linz

Information sheet for the press conference, 19 Dec. 2007, 10 am

Troublemakers: Enfants Terribles of the Avant-Garde from Makart to Nitsch
1 February - 18 May 2008

With the exhibition Troublemakers - The Enfants Terribles of the Avant-Garde from Makart to Nitsch the Lentos Art Museum presents a museum show of exemplary infamous troublemakers of Austrian art history from the fin de siècle to Actionism.

Oskar Kokoschka - A vagabond in Linz. Wild, Denigrated, Celebrated.
31 May - 5 October 2008

The focal point of the exhibition will be the "scandal artist" Kokoschka and his conections to Linz. The artist was a close friend of the museum founder, the art dealer Wolfgang Gurlitt from Berlin. The first exhibition after World War II did not take place in Vienna, but rather in 1951 in our New Gallery Linz, the predecessor institution of the Lentos Art Museum Linz. The exhibition at the Lentos Art Museum Linz will take place in close cooperation with the Austrian Gallery Belvedere Vienna, which will present Kokoschka's early work in the beginning of 2008. A major portion of this exhibition can be taken over, and the subject matter will be expanded by Lentos with reference to the 1951 presentation and with the focal point "Oskar Kokoschka as 'Degenerate' Artist".

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Press material (German only)

Press material (German only)

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