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futuresystems : rare momente

Presse Release futuresystems : rare momente
Dreaming the future in the present.
Press Conference: 15.3.2007

Dreaming the future in the present.

The exhibition shows installations by seven international artists, some of whom are presented for the first time in Austria. Born between Argentina and Denmark, between 1957 and 1978, they represent a globally operating generation of art producers gaining strong recognition and influence through their presence at biennials, art fairs and the major exhibition venues.

The two juxtaposed terms of the title open up the space between the poles of the reflexive and the emotional experience of art. futuresystems - the view into the future, perspectives and planning - what could the world look like in the future, which options for action will people have?
Rare Moments - the here and now, presence, exceptional moments, intensities, which art makes possible.

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Press material

Press material

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