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Museums of the 21st Century

The Lentos Art Museum Linz is the only stop in Austria for the international touring exhibition on museum architecture of the 21st century.

Museums of the 21st Century: Ideas - Projects - Buildings

The exhibition presents 27 of the interesting and visionary museum buildings from four continents (Europe, America, Asia, Australia), which have been built or are under construction or in planning from 2000 to 2010. Most of the exhibited projects are art museums, however there are also museums of archeology, ethnology, history and the automobile, such as the Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart or the BMW Museum in Munich.

The Art Centre Basel has arranged the presentation of each project in close cooperation with the architects. The exhibitions thus also displays the characteristics and personal styles of various star architects.

All the projects are presented on the basis of models, photographs, plans, sketches and film material. The exhibition is supplemented by a display of the situation of museum projects in Linz in the 21st century: Lentos Art Museum Linz (Weber + Hofer AG, Zürich), extension of the AEC (TREUSCH architecture, Vienna) and the new south wing of the Linz Castle (HoG architektur, Graz).

A multifaceted supplementary program accompanies this show with tours and lectures by architects, a sundays at 11, and workshops focusing on architecture. Architecture books from the Lentos Library and films on exhibited projects and participating architects invite visitors to explore in-depth information directly in the exhibition.

Exhibition Architecture: caramel architekten zt gmbh (Vienna,Linz)

A catalogue is published by Prestel Verlag, Munich, containing texts and illustrations relating to the exhibition. The catalogue is available at the Lentos Museum Shop (EUR 28,-).

An exhibition by the ART CENTRE BASEL
Idea and Concept: Suzanne Greub and Thierry Greub, Art Centre Basel
Realization: Christine Gisi, Art Centre Basel