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Press Release
Edgar Arceneaux und Charles Gaines. SNAKE RIVER
28. 4. - 13.8.2006

With Edgar Arceneaux and Charles Gaines, Lentos presents two of the most highly profiled representatives of contemporary Californian art in Austria. The exhibition centers around a new film by these two concept artists: representatives of two generations, who have produced Snake River as their first joint work.
The film has been made possible through generous support from Brucknerhaus and produced in cooperation with REDCAT, Los Angeles. Snake River has received support from the Culture 2000 program of the European Union in the framework of TRANSFORM and is shown at Lentos in a cinema situation.
To accompany the film, ten photo and digital works by Charles Gaines are shown in the second room of the lower floor along with a hand-treated print by Edgar Arceneaux.

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Press material

Press material

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