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Nomads in the Art Salon

Encounters with Modernism from Herbert Bayer to Sol LeWitt
Curators: Andrea Bina, Elisabeth Nowak-Thaller

27 January - 10 September 2006

Lentos opens the exhibition year 2006 with masterpieces of Anatolian textile art juxtaposed with highlights from the Lentos Collection. This presentation exemplifies the Lentos Art Museum exhibition program: selected works from the collection are newly exhibited under a special thematic focus.
At a time when interest in Turkey is of the highest political topicality in the debates on a possible EU membership, presentations of Turkish culture are a necessary contribution to a better understanding of this country and its history.

The image of the flying carpet has always evoked notions of traveling, of freedom and independence. These kinds of fantasies are also linked with the nomad kilims from the Upper Austrian collection of Norbert Prammer, forming the starting point for a thematically arranged presentation focusing on art of the 20th century from the Lentos Collection. The comparison between twenty-two valuable nomad kilims and fifty-nine selected highlights from the Lentos Collection from the 19th century to the present reveal astonishing analogies among the individual exhibits in terms of form and color arrangements. Especially these formal correspondences stimulate seeking out essential differences in the tradition, function and meaning of the works.

The exhibition confronts a rich selection of paintings, graphic works, objects, (travel) photographs by artists such as Adrian, Albers, Bayer, Beato, Beuys, Blaas, Camesi, Dagdelen, de Salvatore, Dimmel, Dirnhofer, Greil, Hencze, Joos, Klopf, Kolár, Kubin, Laske, LeWitt, Molles, Müller, Nadar, Neshat, Nitsch, Oran, Orlik, Peyrer-Prantl, Scheibl, Scully, Sébah and Serra - with Anatolian kilim textile art from the 17th to the early 19th century.

In six rooms art works from the Orient and the Occident are assembled in an arrangement inciting comparison. The exhibition functions as a model for the possibilities for grasping connections in the form, aesthetics and subject matter of artefacts from different cultures and periods.
"Nomads in the Art Salon" spreads across the north flank of the museum through six thematically arranged rooms, which also correspond to the criteria for the selection of the art works from the collection: room 1 deals with everyday life, traveling and the Orient; room 2 focuses on the stringency of line and color; room 3 on meditation and social criticism; room 4 foregrounds geometrical abstractions, whereas room 5 is devoted to the theme of belief; the sixth room is dedicated to Turkey with diverse offers including audio exhibits and literature.


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Press material

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