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Work in Focus: Heinrich Heidersberger

Heinrich Heidersberger 100th Birthday

In honor of the 100th birthday of the photo artist Heinrich Heidersberger on 10 June 2006, during the first half of the year 2006 the Lentos Art Museum presents a selection of the artist´s photographs in the series "Work in Focus".

Heidersberger, who was born in 1906 in Ingolstadt, spent his youth in Linz, the city where his mother was born, where he became a member of the artist association "MAERZ" through his initial interest in painting. However, years spent in Paris brought him closer to the medium of photography, to which he devoted himself from that point on.
Heidersberger´s photography work is essentially concentrated on the fields of architectural photography, commercial and industrial photography, and travel, journalistic and documentary photography. The "Rhythmogrammes" that were typical for Heidersberger were created in the mid-1950s by recording traces of light on photo material, for which he developed a special apparatus.

Today Heidersberger lives in Wolfsburg, where the Heidersberger Institute is located, which was established especially to treat his entire oeuvre. The aims of the institute include securing the works, registering his entire work and making this extensive oeuvre accessible to a wider audience. (

All of the thirteen photo works of the now 100-year-old artist belong to the art museum and will be on display in the first collection hall until the end of June 2006.
A selection of his works in published in the catalogue "Photographie - Die Sammlung"  (ed. Peter Baum, Neue Galerie/Lentos) 2000/2001.