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EXHIBITIONS: Photography at Lentos

Pressinformation Paul Kranzler - Land of Milk and Honey
From the photography selection on the theme Life Worlds
18 March -  16 May 2005
Art Education 2005

The exhibitions Paul Kranzler – Land of Milk and Honey and the photography selection from the collection on the theme Life Worlds are the first two photo presentations on display this year at Lentos. They will be followed beginning June 17th by the third and largest exhibition of artistic photography, presenting a comprehensive show of the work by the Italian photographer Massimo Vitali – Photographs 1995 – 2004 for the first time in Austria.

With Land of Milk and Honey the Lentos Art Museum Linz currently presents a young artist from Linz, who does not yet look back on many years of exhibitions. In his work Paul Kranzler deals with social realities, which are also a central theme of the photographs shown at Lentos.

In correspondence with the show of Paul Kranzler's works, there is an exhibition of photo works from the Lentos Collection by Heinz Cibulka, Elisabeth Czihak and Walter Ebenhofer, Heinz Grosskopf, Leo Kandl and Wolfgang Pavlik. A video work by Ricarda Denzer supplements the photographic views of a life world.

Art Education at Lentos 2005

In addition to the "classical" tasks of a museum – collecting, preserving, researching and exhibiting – art education/museum pedagogy is an essential focal point, establishing a relationship between visitors and what is exhibited.
Art education also fulfills the educational mission of a museum, as it is not only intended to convey information and knowledge, but also to foster independent viewing and thinking.
In addition, the goal of art education is not simply to raise questions and stimulate discussions, but most of all to arouse curiosity and interest in art among the most diverse people.

Art Education Offers at Lentos:
Tours for groups / at fixed times / on request
Art discussions, lectures, workshops, art (his)stories, art after work, Lentos atelier for children, birthday party with art, color my world: painting set for children, and much more.

New: beginning 2 April LENTOS ATELIER, every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 12 noon
 for children from 6 to 13  
organized with support from VOLKSBANK Linz + Mühlviertel

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