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Paris 1945 to 1965

Metropolises of Art An extensive exhibition focusing on Paris as an international city of art in one of its most important phases With painting, sculpture, drawing and photography as its focal point and attraction, the exhibition is intended to trace the atmosphere of setting out in new directions and the artistic climate in the two decades following World War II. Paris was a magnet for painters and sculptors from all over the world, the center of fine arts par excellence, focal point for the avant-garde and a melting pot of multicultural flair. The vibrant, permanent symbiosis of all the arts, carried on through many generations, served as a breeding ground for essential new definitions in art. 250 paintings and sculptures, characteristic drawings and graphic works, and several suites of pictures from the most important Parisian photographers, the confrontation between representatives of classical modernism who were still alive at that time (Picasso, Matisse, Léger, Chagall, Giacometti) and the avant-garde of that era, reveal a charged field marked by great figures and influential impulses, to which all eyes turned, not only in creative Europe. An extensive catalogue book will be published on the exhibition with roughly 250 illustrations and essays by authors from at home and abroad.