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  • Manfred Erjautz, Shelter, 2007/2008
  • Oliver Dorfer, ax02, 2007 and pics 01, 2007
  • Aurelia Gratzer, Einlauf, 2009
  • Gerold Tagwerker, grid_untitled, 2010
  • Peter Sandbichler, Untitled, 2010
  • Station Rose, übermorgen=out, 2010
  • Pirmin Blum, Madonna von Michelangelo mit John Waynes Augen, 2009; Jesus von Michelangelo mit Conny Froboess' Augen, 2009 and Bacchus von Michelangelo mit Gina Lollobrigidas Augen, 2009
  • Ursula Mayer, Portland Place 33 from the series Trilogy, 2005; Keeling House from the series Trilogy, 2006 and Villa Mairea from the series Trilogy, 2006
  • Michaela Melián, Föhrenwald, 2005
  • Gerwald Rockenschaub, animation, 2002

Some of the acquisitions were supported by Galerienförderung des Bundes.



  • Donation from the collection Maria and Gerald Fischer-Colbrie:
    Hans Staudacher, Kistenbild, 1958
    Charlotte Wiesmann, Kunst mögen, undated
    Alfred Haberpointner, Badeanzug, 2001/2002
  • Donation Dr. Helmut Schützeneder:
    Gottfried Mairwöger
    , untitled, about 1985
  • Donation Michael Figl:
    3 copies of the french art journal Derrière le Miroir with original lithographs of famous artists, 1974
  • Donations by artists:
    Dietmar Brehm
    , Death Trip (25 pieces), 2008/2009 and Und (50 pieces), 2009
    Marlene Haring, Weil jedes Haar anders ist / Because every hair is different, 2005–2010
    Pirmin Blum, 2 C-Prints, 2009 (Donation Galerie Winiarzyk, Vienna)

The LENTOS’s collections keep growing

Every year works of art are acquired to be integrated into the LENTOS’s holdings in connection with exhibitions, well established focal points of collecting and ongoing scholarly projects. These acquisitions are regularly supplemented by generous gifts and donations from artists and supporters of the Museum. Significant contributions are also made by the Friends of the LENTOS, the LENTOS Freunde.

To find out what works have been acquired by the LENTOS in the more recent past, check individual years from 2003 for an illustrated selection of newcomers.

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