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Stella Rollig in conversation with Markus Schinwald

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Markus Schinwald is one of the most internationally acclaimed artists of his generation. In 2011 – almost at the same time as the major solo exhibition in LENTOS Kunstmuseum - he is presented at the Austrian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale.

The graduate from the Linz Art University creates fascinating, highly independent work that makes masterly use of all contemporary artistic media and formats. Sculpture and
the staging of spaces, film, photography, painting and reproduction techniques are used to trace out an artistic framework interest in manifold ways: the human body as a cultural construct between self-presentation and disciplining, convention, correction, neurotic ticks and unsuspected grace. Deformations of the psyche find disconcerting physical correspondences. Influences from art history and consumer culture, from critical theory, film history and contemporary TV, choreography, stage set and the world of cabaret come into view: sensual, humorous, intelligent unmistakable. Markus Schinwald's exhibitions are highly complex arrangements, their fascination arising from an irritating contradiction between emotionally and aesthetically charged attraction and a recalcitrant rejection of a one-dimensional offer of meaning. Lifeless objects are
animated, puppets lead a life of their own, spaces present unexpected discoveries.

Kinetic objects dynamize static installations, sometimes performative appearances are part of the overall concept. Schinwald's art operates at the center of the sense of time, telling of the charged field of living life: between coercion and play, subjection and liberation, failure and elegance.

Markus Schinwald, born 1973 in Salzburg, lives in Vienna and New York.

sundays at 11

The LENTOS features sundays at 11, a series of talks, for which the LENTOS invites well-known figures from the world of art and culture. With LENTOS’s artistic director, Hemma Schmutz, in the chair, they discuss their activities and experiences in and with the world of art. Not only do audiences get a chance to follow the discussion at close quarters, they are also invited to join in; in fact, contributions from the floor have become an indispensable part of the format. Before the Sunday morning talk an expanded Viennese breakfast is served as an additional feature (which you are of course free to skip if you want to).

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An expanded Viennes breakfast is served from 10 a.m.; the beginning of the conversation is scheduled for 11 p.m.
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