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Stella Rollig in conversation with Gerhard Haderer

Sunday, 3 April 2011

In 2011 the multiple award-winning cartoonist Gerhard Haderer celebrates his 60th birthday. Exhibitions in Linz, Krems, Villach, Vienna and Frankfurt / Main showcase the artist's work, outlook and effect. Kick-off is at the LENTOS in Haderer's birthplace, Linz, where he lives and works.
As part of the NEXTCOMIC Festival, the LENTOS will be showing a selection of cartoon originals curated by Achim Frenz, the director of caricatura museum frankfurt.

Born 1951 in Leonding, lives in Linz
1965–1969 Fachschule für Gebrauchs- und Werbegrafik, Linz
2001 Deutscher Karikaturenpreis
2006 Karikaturpreis der deutschen Anwaltschaft
2008 Goldenes Verdienstzeichen des Landes Wien

Starting out as a freelance graphic artist, draughtsman and illustrator for PR agencies, Haderer switched to satirical drawing in 1984 and has worked as a cartoonist since 1985. His drawings, usually signed "Hades", appear regularly in newspapers and magazines in German speaking countries (since 1985 in "profil", since 1991 in "stern", 1992-1996 in "Oberösterreichische Nachrichten" as well as in "Wiener", "Geo", "Trend").
From 1997 to 2000 and again since 2008, this time on a monthly basis, Haderer has published the comic book "Moff" , in which he lampoons what he sees as aberrations in day-to-day social and political developments. In addition to his cartoons Haderer has also made an international name for himself as author in the genre of the pictorial narrative, which in Austria has only a small, if devoted, following. His cartoon book, "Das Leben des Jesus", sparked a high-profile public controversy in 2002 about the propriety of satirical takes on religious content. Haderer himself was found guilty of blasphemy in Athens in 2005 but acquitted on appeal.
The fact that Haderer's roots are in the aesthetics of PR graphics is reflected in technical aspects of his cartoons. They are remarkable for their exact picture composition; the optimization of the effects of colours through the use of cold-warm contrasts (Haderer prefers acrylic ink and mixes primary colours to produce the shades her requires); concentration on light and perspectival aids to guide perception result in high-gloss drawings, whose pictorial content provides a sarcastic commentary on day-to-day events, be it in the fields of everyday life, politics, religion, tourism, sports or society. Haderer often limits himself to mere figures without embedding them in any explicit activity.
Since 2006 Haderer has also been supplying puppets to Maschek, the satirical troupe with a cult following, for their Punch-and-Judy cabaret that takes the mickey out of Austrian politicians ("At home with the Schüssels" 2006, "At home with Gusenbauer" 2007, " At home with Faymann" 2009).

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The LENTOS features sundays at 11, a series of talks, for which the LENTOS invites well-known figures from the world of art and culture. With LENTOS’s artistic director, Hemma Schmutz, in the chair, they discuss their activities and experiences in and with the world of art. Not only do audiences get a chance to follow the discussion at close quarters, they are also invited to join in; in fact, contributions from the floor have become an indispensable part of the format. Before the Sunday morning talk an expanded Viennese breakfast is served as an additional feature (which you are of course free to skip if you want to).

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