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Stella Rollig in conversation with Dorothee Golz, Leo Kandl and Günther Selichar

Sunday, 18 May 2008

In conjunction with the large Collection presentation Traces of Light (18 April to 30 November 2008), three artists talk about their work with the medium of photography: three different approaches exemplifying a broad spectrum of current positions.
New photographic image techniques have been continuously developed since photography was invented. Artists are very particular about selecting the means – image carrier, developing method, printing processes – that correspond to the specific subject matter of their interests. Today the application of photographic techniques is found in differentiated image strategies, optical, spatial and thematically oriented investigations. Digitally generated images have created a completely new paradigm of production, distribution and reception, of "legibility", even of fundamental assumptions about the essence of photography.
Yet in art the options of increasingly sophisticated software are not exhausted in amazing effects. Media reflection, social analysis and art-immanent references are theoretical foundations for the visual productions by Dorothee Golz, Leo Kandl and Günther Selichar.

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