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Stella Rollig in conversation with EVA & ADELE

Sunday, 27 April 2008


Art and the everyday life of the "living art work" EVA & ADELE, who have unmistakably enriched the art world since their renowned Wedding Performance in 1991: permanent performance punctuated by a retreat into the studio. The artist couple from Berlin talks with Stella Rollig about their public presence and their visual art work, which is presented in Lentos until 1 June 2008.

Futuring!, EVA & ADELE's slogan calls for a realization of visions of freer future in the here and now. This takes courage, demands radicality.
EVA & ADELE's performative practice centers around the transgression of biological and social boundaries between the genders: Over the boundaries of gender – an uncompromising exploration of art as an intervention in social conditions, art as a space, in which comfortable conventions must be put to the test and renegotiated.
Parallel to this, EVA & ADELE work with painting, drawing, photography, video and installation to develop ever new imagery. This bears witness to the phases, when EVA & ADELE renew the energy in artistic dialogue, with which they infect people with a glimpse of unimagined possibilities every time they appear.



Height  176 cm 161 cm
Bust  101 cm   86 cm
Waist    81 cm   68 cm
Hip    96 cm   96 cm

background image:

Photo: © maschekS.