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Stella Rollig in conversation with Barbara Prammer

Sunday, 14 October 2007

Politics, Democracy, Art

Barbara Prammer has been associated with the Museums of the City of Linz for many years as a regular visitor, formerly to the New Gallery and to Lentos today. Her many years of political work has always been accompanied and influenced by an awareness of the social value of art and culture, which has also had an impact in her women's policies measures such as the establishment of the Women's Art Award. Barbara Prammer's demand for a new minister of culture, which was formulated at the end of the last legislature period, has meanwhile been met.
Taking up her post as First President of Parliament, Barbara Prammer formulated her motto as "an invitation to a sociopolitical, academic and cultural discourse" in parliament. This could equally well stand as the motto for a museum of the 21st century. Can both be inspired by one another in an exchange about the shared ideal of working transparently and close to the people in the forum of parliament and the forum of the museum?

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