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Stella Rollig in conversation with Walter Homolka

Sunday, 26 March 2006

Walter Homolka lives in two worlds: as an investment banker and publishing manager he has a lot to do with commerce; as the head of various foundations he strives to make sure that art and culture remain possible despite a scarcity of public funding. The rabbi with a PhD also has a deeper concern: Are culture and artistic expression part of being human, are they a necessary part of our lives?

Walter Homolka, born 1964, lives in Berlin. He studied theology and business ethics in Munich, London, Leipzig and Wales. Manager for Bertelsmann, Greenpeace and the Deutsche Bank, head of the Deutsche Bank cultural foundation, the Academy Music Theater Today, the Ursula Lübbe Foundation and the Leo Baeck Foundation. International guest professorships. Since 2002 Executive Director of the Abraham Geiger College at the University of Potsdam. Advisory Board member for the Austrian State Theaters, the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, the Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt, the Princeton University and for NABU Germany. 

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