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Gilbert & George, UNION DANCE, 2008 © Gilbert & George

English Night. Hommage to Gilbert & George

Saturday, 24 September, 6 p.m. to midnight

Taking its cue from its current Gilbert & George exhibition, the LENTOS gives this September night a characteristic English twist. We kick off with the dance competition Bend It!, where the main prize is a weekend in London. Art historian Wolf Jahn then speaks on the topic Kruzifix. Über das Kreuz im Werk von Gilbert & George. This is followed by one of British musician David Toop's legendary sound lectures. Linz DJ Peter Lang will then treat the audience with his take on British pop music. And there is beef stew & ale to clinch the verdict on this special night: "Very British"!

6 p.m.: Lecture "Kruzifix" by Wolf Jahn (GER)
7 p.m.: Dance Contest Bend It! with prize award (REGISTRATION FOR THE CONTEST: on site from 5 pm on 24 Sept. or by mail to
8 p.m.: Sound Lecture by David Toop (UK)
9 p.m.: DJing "A Journey through English Pop" with Peter Lang (AUT)
6 to 11 p.m.: La cuisine à l'anglaise: Beef Stew & Ale in the LENTOS-Freiraum
from 9 p.m.: Non-stop film programme with documentaries and videos
from midnight: After Show Party at the Missing Link

An engagement with the work of Gilbert & George invariably leads to the discovery of a wide range of different artistic and cultural facettes and practices - and opens up a space for a new understanding and a reinterpretation of genres. The English Night at the LENTOS takes on this space of reinterpretation in different ways.

The Bend It! Dance Contest takes the form of a reenactment of Gilbert and George's legendary performance. The participating pairs are asked to replicate as closely as possible the performance by the two artists. All pairs are on stage at the same time. The winners will be picked by an expert jury. The main prize is a weekend in London (donated by the Linz travel agency world of travel). Other prizes include an English course at Linz's Cambridge Institute, a dance course for two at Dancingworld Linz, etc.

The lecture on the Crucifix by the Gilbert & George expert Dr. Wolf Jahn introduces the audience to the artists' existential pictorial world. Crosses structure and organize the large-scale pictures and their computer-aided designs; they appear in flags, coats of arms, amulets and crucifixes. Gilbert & George's latest group of works, the JACK FREAK PICTURES, also features pictures of crosses and crucifixions in all shapes and sizes, some familiar, others new and unexpected.

In his Sound Lecture, David Toop contextualizes the influence the variety show, the music hall and comedy have had on Gilbert & George's "Singing Sculptures" and moves on unabashedly to the impact the two artists had on Brit pop in the 1970s and 1980s.

The Linz-based musician and DJ Peter Lang, whose intensive engagement with British pop music has resulted not only in filling whole shelves with LPs but also in clocking up thousands upon thousands of frequent flier miles, accompanies us on a musical journey into the night.
A non-stop programme of documentaries and videos on Gilbert & George accompanies this English Night.

WOLF JAHN is an art historian, free-lance author and Gilbert & George expert (GER)
DAVID TOOP is an English musician and author (GB)
PETER LANG is a DJ & musician (AT)

Curators: Magnus Hofmüller and Elisabeth Nowak-Thaller
English Night is part of the RAUM LENTOS series of events.


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Photo: © RAUM LENTOS / Magnus Hofmüller