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The LENTOS is 10. Let's party!

New ideas, new programmes, new formats. The jubilee will be feature a spate of innovative projects centred on our chief partners: on our visitors and artists.

LENTOS 10 Shorts

Short video statements by friends of the LENTOS and kindred spirits are presented on a weekly basis from March onward – online and at the Museum.
With Sean Scully, Darren Pih, Cosima Rainer, Johanna Schwanberg, Gottfried Bechtold, Mathilde ter Heijne, and many more.

10 years of acquisitions

A work commissioned as a hybrid of art and information design: Toledo i Dertschei install a spatial intervention in the foyer and the reading room to light up the structure
of the first 10 years of the LENTOS’s acquisitions. The barest minimum of training lets anyone access parameters such as gender, age, technique and price.

Too good to hide. Trawling the Graphic Arts Collection

We will be showing 52 graphic works from the holdings of the LENTOS, with a new batch being released every month. In March 2013, Honoré Daumier’s Au bal de l’Opéra (1845) – from one of the oldest contingents of prints within the LENTOS’s collections – will start things off in what will be a chronological sequence; the end, in March 2014, will be marked by a graphic work by Carola Dertnig from 2009.
The exhibition is shown simultaneously on the LENTOS website where it is accompanied by cutting-edge research texts.

collect me!

Why not become part of the collection? Our app makes the impossible as easy as 1,2,3.
Your snapshot is transformed into a composite image consisting of pictures in the LENTOS Collection. You can enjoy the results online or at the exhibition.
This project will be realized with support from STOPP Austria and World4You Internetservices.

The curious Museum

In European Capital of Culture year Linz09 we called the LENTOS an inquisitive museum, meaning that we want to find out things about our visitors. In April 2013 we
pick up the thread again: Stop by and tell us what you think. What do you want from the LENTOS? What is art all about for you? We’re all ears!

3 days of open doors 

The first weekend in May (3 to 5 May 2013) is earmarked for the celebration of the jubilee, with music, special guided tours, family programmes, etc.
So much for now for your calendar!

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