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Picture: Guided Tours

Art Education at the LENTOS

What is your personal approach to art and what can we do make it work even better? This is the basic question that the LENTOS’s Art Education Team is aiming to answer. It is you, our visitors, that are our true focus.

Art Education Programmes pave the way to aesthetic experience for all visitors. We offer dialogue-based guided tours of our exhibitions and introductions to the architectural features of our house.

The LENTOS Studio for Children has new offers every week and never a dull moment.

The Los TaLENTOS meet on every first Thursday in the month: the students then decide what use they want to make of the Museum this time, what workshops they want to try out and what members of the staff they want to meet.

The collaboration between schools and the LENTOS is of the utmost importance to us; SCHOOL & MUSEUM is therefore one of our top priorities.
In our capacity of a learning space we develop innovative and media reflective
workshops and tours tailored to the needs of school groups.

New Neighbors

Welcome to LENTOS

A culture of welcome needs to be lived. For this, places are needed, where encounters with refugees are possible. LENTOS sees itself as a place like this. The Danube Atelier offers enough room for painting for all age groups, for chats over coffee, and for creative activities for children from refugee families.
Pictures make learning easier: in our exhibitions refugees view art works and learn German at the same time.

LENTOS invites new and old neighbors in Linz to come to the Danube Atelier in LENTOS on Saturday afternoons:

Upcoming dates:

Sat., 4 MARCH
Sat., 1 APRIL 
Sat., 6 MAY
Sat., 3 JUNE 
Sat., 1 JULY
Sat.. 3 AUGUST

2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Admission free

We would be happy to have your support for our initiative.
Registration and information from the office of art education:
T 0732.70703602  /

Guided Tours for Groups

Here you will find all of our tours can be booked.

Advance registration for guided group tours by telephone: Teleservice Center der Stadt Linz 0732 7070 or by email to

Guided Tours & Booking

    No booking necessary, duration 1 hour, tour fee € 3.00 
    (German only).

    Every Tuesday at 4 p.m.
    Every Thursday at 7 p.m.

    Every Sunday at 4 p.m.
    Jump in for an Art Tour!
    No prior booking required, Duration 30 Min., € 2.00 plus admission fee

    Every 1st Saturday in a Month at 4 p.m.
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Leitung-Kunstvermittlung-Dunja-Schneider, Foto: maschekS.

Dr. Dunja Schneider (Head of Art Education)

T +43 732 7070 3602

F +43 732 7070 3604

background image:

Photo: maschekS.