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Acquisitions 2015


Özlem Altin, Untitled (Mädchen im Baum), 2013, Echo, 2013, Untitled (Ella, x), 2004 and Untitled (Cover), 2010

Verena Dengler, Germany vs. Austria, 2011*

Carola Dertnig, Marimekko ALMA, 2015 *

Sofia Goscinski, Untitled (I killed my Angsthase), 2015, Ton/Vitrine, Cast of a rabbit hole IV, 2015, Inkjetprint on paper and Cast of a rabbit hole V, 2015, Inkjetprint on paper *

Caroline Heider, Sitzkiste (d’Ora-Benda Serie – Frau Scherkamp-Redlhammer), 2013*

Maria Hahnenkamp, Untitled, 2013, O.T. (from the series Kleid), 2010*

Anton Kehrer, lightflow_monochromes/primary colours, 2004, 5-parted, Photography*

Hans Kupelwieser, Swingletatlin, 2012

Monika Pichler, into the future 1, 2014

The acquistions marked with * were supported by Galerienförderung des Bundes.

Donations (selection):

Donation of the artist Sevda Chkoutova:
Die Vertreibung der türkischen Minderheit aus Bulgarien in den 1980 Jahren (Vorzeichnung), 2013

Donation of the Verein phileas:
Latifa Echakhch
, Frames (violet, bleu marine, beige), 2009

Donation of the artist Latifa Echakhch:
Untitled (Black Clouds III), 2014

Donation of the Arndt Fine Art Berlin:
Mathilde ter Hejne, The Glass Woman, 2004

Donation of the artist Roman Scheidl:
Roman Scheidl
, three ink brush drawings on paper, 2014

Donation of the foundation Greg Fowler
Christoph Schmidberger
, Sunny Afternoon, 2002 und Untitled (Boy in Bamboo), 2006

Donation of the artist Wolfgang Stifter:
6 Drypoint etchings from the cycle plus minus, 1989

The LENTOS’s collections keep growing

Every year works of art are acquired to be integrated into the LENTOS’s holdings in connection with exhibitions, well established focal points of collecting and ongoing scholarly projects. These acquisitions are regularly supplemented by generous gifts and donations from artists and supporters of the Museum. Significant contributions are also made by the Friends of the LENTOS, the LENTOS Freunde.

To find out what works have been acquired by the LENTOS in the more recent past, check individual years from 2003 for an illustrated selection of newcomers.

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