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23 October 2015 to 31 January 2016

“Waldung” is a colloquial term. A “Waldung” is a bit bigger than a small wood. It’s a feature of the woodlands in the region into which I was born. (Bernhard Fuchs)

Bernhard Fuchs (b. 1971 in Haslach a. d. Mühl) has lived in his chosen hometown Düsseldorf since his graduation from the Düsseldorf Academy of Arts. He frequently returns to Upper Austria to work as a photographer with the landscapes and the inhabitants of the Mühlviertel.

Fuchs’s photo series are more than mere photographic renderings of a landscape he has known intimately from childhood. The tension they build up makes them transcend classic depictions of landscape by far. Motifs are important in his exploration of nature but not more so than the criteria of pictorial composition. Fuchs’s Waldungen [Woodlands] can be understood as a subtle analysis of perception. The specific atmospheric light prevalent at different times of day and in different seasons and weather conditions plays a decisive role in his work.

The cycle Waldungen [Woodlands], which is referred to by Fuchs himself as a story, consists of fifty photographs. It dates from 2010 to 2014.

The exhibition is the result of a cooperative venture with the Josef Albers Museum in Bottrop.

Curator: Brigitte Reutner


Thursday, 22 October 2015, 7 pm

(together with the exhibition Mother of the Year)

Guided tours

Duration 1 hour, costs € 3, exclusive admission, German only

Every Thursday, 7 pm
The guided tours combine the two exhibitions Bernhard Fuchs and The Collection.

Sunday, 31 January, 3 pm
the artist Bernhard Fuchs and the curator Brigitte Reutner lead through the exhibition


Book coverThe publication Woodlands (50 plates, 104 pages), has been published by Koenig Books, London/Cologne, in 2014.
In English and German language. Price: € 49.50.

Buy online at the LENTOS Shop.
(Order transaction in German only)

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