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Audio files 2015

  • BERNHARD FUCHS. Woodlands
    The curator Brigitte Reutner talks about the exhibition.
    (Radio FRO, broadcasted on 26.11.2015)
  • MOTHER OF THE YEAR. Between Empowerment and Crisis: Images of Motherhood from 1900 to Today
    The curators Stella Rollig, Elisabeth Nowak-Thaller and Sabine Fellner talk about the exhibition.
    (Radio FRO, broadcasted on 22.10.2015)
  • New Neighbors
    Dunja Schneider, head of art education at the LENTOS and the photograph Tom Son about the refugee project at the LENTOS.
    (Radio FRO, broadcasted on 24.9.2015) 
    Stella Rollig talks about the artist Cathy Wilkes and her exhibition at the LENTOS.
    (Radio FRO, broadcasted on 23.7.2015)
  • RAUM LENTOS: Listening Post & Bicycle Happening
    Interview with RAUM LENTOS curator Magnus Hofmüller, VELODROM director Hans Staudinger and sound artist Wolfgang Fuchs on the projects Listening Post and Bicycle Happening.  
    (Radio FRO, broadcasted on 25.6.2015)
    Interview with the artist on her exhibition (in English language).
    (Radio FRO, broadcasted on 23.4.2015)
  • LOVE & LOSS. Fashion and Mortality
    Interviews with the curator and several artists on the exhibition
    (Radio FRO, broadcasted on 26.3.2015)
  • Who was Wolfgang Gurlitt?
    Elisabeth Nowak-Thaller, Deputy Director and Head of Collection, about the ambivalent personality Wolfgang Gurlitt, who founded the predecessor institution of the LENTOS in 1946. (German only)
    (Radio FRO, broadcasted on 26.2.2015)
  • Barrier free access in museums
    Interview with Dunja Schneider, Head of Art Education at the Museums of the City of Linz (German only)
    (Radio FRO, broadcasted on 22.1.2015)
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