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Videos 2015

  • MOTHER OF THE YEAR. Between Empowerment and Crisis: Images of Motherhood from 1900 to Today
    The curators Stella Rollig, Sabine Fellner and Elisabeth Nowak-Thaller about the exhibition.
    In cooperation with dorf tv

  • BERNHARD FUCHS. Woodlands
    Brigitte Reutner, head of the LENTOS photo collection and curator, talks about the exhibition of Bernhard Fuchs.
    In cooperation with dorf tv

    The LENTOS director Stella Rollig talks about the exhibition of Cathy Wilkes.
    In cooperation with dorf tv

  • LOVE & LOSS. Fashion and Mortality
    The curator Ursula Guttmann and LENTOS director Stella Rollig about the exhibition that presents fashion designers together with exponents of the visual arts, High Fashion and Street Fashion, photographs, videos, sculptures and installations.
    In cooperation with dorf tv

    The artist about her exhibition at the LENTOS. In English language
    In cooperation with dorf tv

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