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New Neighbors
Welcome to LENTOS

A culture of welcome needs to be lived. For this, places are needed, where encounters with refugees are possible.
LENTOS sees itself as a place like this. The Danube Atelier offers enough room for painting for all age groups, for chats over coffee, and for creative activities for children from refugee families.
Pictures make learning easier: in our exhibitions refugees view art works and learn German at the same time.

LENTOS invites new and old neighbors in Linz to come to the Danube Atelier in LENTOS on Saturday afternoons:

Upcoming dates:

Saturday, 27 February
Saturday, 5 March
Saturday, 7. May
Saturday, 4. June
Saturday, 2. July
Saturday, 6. August
Saturday, 3. September
Saturday, 1. October
Saturday, 5. November
Saturday, 3. Dezember

2:00–4:00 pm

We look forward to your visit!

Registration and information from the office of art education:

T +43 (0) 732 7070 3602 or

In cooperation with the Caritas Refugee Assistance 

For Arabic version please click here (PDF, 35,7 KB)

For Farsi version please click here (PDF, 29.7 KB).

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