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Foto: Erich Goldmann und SIGNA, 2015


22 April 2016, 10 p.m.

Film Director: Erich Goldmann, Arthur Köstler
Concept, Script Theater Installation: Signa Köstler
Music: Christian Bo Johansen

 From the performance to documentation and back again to performance. The filmmaker and photographer Erich Goldmann comprehensively documented the performance installation Ventestedet by the Copenhagen collective SIGNA in 2014, close up and rich in details. SIGNA is considered one of the most innovative and influential contemporary theater and performance groups in Europe. The resultant film, consisting of video shots, serial photographs and stills, draws the viewers into the midst of a dark and visually overwhelming performance by SIGNA. The Laguna transforms the intensive theater installation into an expanded cinema production using live-animated single frame sequences, music, and the spatial setting.

 Curator: Magnus Hofmüller

 Danish-Austrian artists’ collective consisting of Signa and Arthur Köstler. Their productions, largely in vacant buildings or derelict sites, have newly influenced the concept of site-specific theater. SIGNA create worlds closed in themselves, which the viewers can experience and explore for themselves. Their works last between 3 and 288 hours at a time. The next production by SIGNA is Wir Hunde at the Wiener Festwochen 2016.

 lives in Copenhagen and Berlin. He works with video installations, sound collages, animations, visuals and short films. His most recent sound installation Limbo was created at the Copenhagen Culture Night. Since 2011 collaborations with SIGNA as sound designer and performer for their performance installations.

 His works are situated at the intersections of film, photography, installation and performance. Interactive/ performative installations with toxic dreams, Michael Strohmann and Momo Subotic. Works since 2005 together with Arthur Köstler on the filmic interpretation of the theater installations by SIGNA

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Foto: © RAUM LENTOS / Magnus Hofmüller