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Work by Monika Oechsler: Schauspiel 2003

Monika Oechsler: Parallel States

12 November 2004 to 28 February 2005

Parallel States is the title of two interconnected video installations shown by Monika Oechsler.
The artists takes her material for Schauspiel (2003) and Day for Night (2004) from the world of the theatre. Oechsler is interested in the preparation process before the actual play begins: the technically complex, laborious and time-consuming construction of the sets. Creating the space for the theatrical illusion becomes the real spectacle, which Oechsler redirects as an experience of space through the medium of video – a reflection on reality and  illusion, theatre, film and art.
Monika Oechsler, born in Munich, lives in London. After numerous international exhibitions, this is her first one woman show in an Austrian museum.
To mark the occasion of the exhibition a catalogue Monika Oechsler: Parallel Worlds will be published (Lentos / Site Gallery, Sheffield).

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