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Work by MUSEUM SURROUNDINGS: Between Outside and Inside

MUSEUM SURROUNDINGS: Between Outside and Inside


Initiated by the LENTOS Art Museum in cooperation with the Department of Experimental Design at the Art University Linz, during the study year 2004/2005 a group of students developed proposals for a vibrant use of the public zones around LENTOS. The foyer, open space and closer surroundings are to become permeable channels between the museum and public space.
Focusing and reflecting on the in-between area of the park, paths and places around LENTOS, the entrance zones before passing through to the ticket desk that are accessible to everyone, and thinking about possibilities for their reinterpretation and use was the theme of a seminar and a project undertaken during the study year 2004/2005 by a group of students from the Art University Linz under the direction of Hubert Lobnig and Stella Rollig. Many interesting approaches, reflective works and projects were created in this framework. The results, in the form of realizations, models and drafts, will be presented on Thursday, 30 June, at 7 pm under the title "Between Outside and Inside" around and in LENTOS.
This cooperation project between Lentos and the Art University marks the start of initiatives and measures for the utilization of open spaces, which are to be further developed by Lentos in the coming years.

Participating Artists:
Katharina Deussl, Christoph Franz / Michael Meier, Silke Grabinger, Gerda Haunschmid, Alexander Huemer, Christian Loikits, Michaela Mandel, Judith Moser, Silvia Mussmann, Doris Prlic / Malis Stöger / André Tschinder, Agnes Reiter, Leonie Wiedenhoff, Jochen Zeirzer.

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