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Work by Roy Lichtenstein: Stillife with cheese

The Spirit of Pop

26 February 2005 to Autumn 2005

The exhibition "The Spirit op Pop" refers to an art phenomenon that emerged in the 1950s in Britain and blossomed in America. Many Austrian artists – including Attersee, Jungwirth, Sengl, Kogelnik and Kolig – were also influenced by this "popular, transient, witty, expendable, sexy, young art" (R. Hamilton). As the five exhibition rooms with prominent artists from Britain, America and Austria show, Pop Art was not a fixed style, but rather a world view. It marks the break with the art of the avant-garde, its central concern was the union of art and life. Many works by its most important protagonists – Warhol, Rauschenberg, Dine, Johns, Oldenburg, Rosenquist, Lichtenstein, Paolozzi, Jones, Hamilton – achieved cult status.
All the exhibited works are from the Lentos Collection.

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Photo: © maschekS.