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Work by Seiland Alfred: Winterlandschaft


17 November 2005 to 5 February 2006

A winter panorama out of the collections of the museums of the city of Linz.
The Three Kings Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar bring the museum their gifts. Angels from Nordico and the Lentos-Krampus (St. Nicholas´counterpart) provide new views of the collection.
A winter panorama concentrated on about 100 works by Heinz Bitzan, Mario Giacomelli, Gerhard Trumler, Margret Bilger, Klemens Brosch, Lovis Corinth, Josef Dobrowsky, Johann Hauser, Egon Hofmann, Alfred Hrdlicka, Ernst Huber, Hanns Kobinger, Maximilian Koller, Oskar Laske, Hans Pollack, Karl Rössing, Franz Sedlacek, Josef Sudek und Oswald Tschirtner.

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Photo: © maschekS.