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Collected Beauties

16 February until 21 May 2018

1918 meant a deep incision for art in Austria: the deaths of Gustav Klimt, Koloman Moser and Egon Schiele, with the latter being especially untimely, deprived Vienna’s avant-garde of its most outstanding exponents in a matter of months. Klimt, Moser and Schiele set their seal on art in Vienna around 1900 in a way that endures to this day. Approximately 75 masterpieces of painting and the graphic arts by these world famous representatives of Viennese Modernism are examined under different aspects. The centenary of the death of these icons of Austria’s art history is a fitting occasion to present new insights in the field of the history of art.

Priceless highlights from the holdings of Linz’s municipal museums – LENTOS and NORDICO – and the Oberösterreichisches Landesmuseum, supplemented by works of art loaned by private collectors, will be presented in this form for the first time – three collections, one exhibition!

Curators: Elisabeth Nowak-Thaller, Brigitte Reutner, Andreas Strohhammer


Thursday, 15. Februar 2018, 7 pm

Free admission

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