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Work: Zweiteiliger Kelim, östliches Zentralanatolien

Nomads in the Art Salon. Encounters with Modernism from Bayer to Sol LeWitt

27 January to 10 September 2006

Unexpected encounters with art works of the 20th century juxtaposed with masterpieces of Anatolian Kilims are the focal point of an exhibition that conveys an image of elementary creativity that is as diverse as it is multifaceted.
The image of the flying carpet evokes ideas of traveling and independence. Nomad kilims from the Upper Austrian Collection of Norbert Prammer are the starting point for a thematically grouped perspective focusing on art of the 20th century from the Lentos Collection.

The exhibition confronts a rich selection of paintings, graphic works, objects, and (travel) photos by artists including Adrian, Albers, Bayer, Beato, Beuys, Blaas, Brauner, Burger, Camesi, Dagdelen, de Salvatore, Decleva, Dimmel, Dirnhofer, Discher, Greil, Hencze, Klopf, Kolár, Kubin, Laske, Lassnig, LeWitt, Molles, Müller, Nadar, Neshat, Nitsch, Noël, Oran, Orlik, Rinke, Scully, Sébah, Serra and Wardy - with Anatolian kilim textile art from the
17th to the early 19th century.

Art works from the Orient and the Occident are shown in six rooms in a stimulating arrangement that incites comparison. The exhibition works as a model for spontaneously grasping the connections of the form, aesthetics and subject matter of artefacts from different cultures and eras.

A lentos booklet will be published for the exhibition as well as a book entitled
Frühe anatolische Kelims, Sammlung Prammer, which is available for € 89,- .

Curators: Andrea Bina, Elisabeth Nowak-Thaller

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