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Bild von Bertram Hasenauer :Untitled (LONG AGO and FAR AWAY)

The Collection 1900–1960

8 November 2010 to 25 March 2011

LENTOS offers visitors a large format opportunity for the most comprehensive view of the Collection since the opening of the museum, a chance to become acquainted with the abundance as well as the divergence of the holdings.

We are inciting current perspectives and daring a new presentation. Each of the five rooms is assigned to one decade. The chronological principle is perforated by surprising interventions by artists from other decades. The works enter into associative connections with one another, interfering – obviously, provocatively or even covertly.

The brackets for the unconventional presentation are thus 60 years, an overwhelming period full of upheavals, stylistic diversity and change. An exhibition enabling individual approaches to art works, sparking reflection, showing many new acquisitions and donations from the Friends Association. Unorthodox combinations stimulate new perspectives, offer the audience entirely new insights into the development of Modernism and the purchase policies of a museum.

60 years of art from the rich holdings delightfully interlinked: the course through the exhibition becomes an adventure. One encounters famous works, rarely show works, new faces, a few "trouble-makers" and many old friends.

Curator: Elisabeth Nowak-Thaller

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Photo: © maschekS.