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Picture: Richard Eigner


27 August to 12 September 2010

The musicians Karin Fisslthaler and Richard Eigner set out on an expedition through the entire LENTOS architecture – interior and exterior – to investigate the specific architectural sonic image of the museum.
Using multiple sound installations and acoustic interventions, the results are made audible in the most diverse locations.

Every architecture produces a sonic image of its own, which draws from manifold sources, permanently changes and is very differently received – thus resulting in a specific "sound signature". Discovering this signature and "listening" to it in an artistic interpretation is the motivation, starting point and basic idea for the acoustic survey of LENTOS.
Train stations can be recognized by the noise of trains, the buzzing of crowds of people, announcements sounding through the PA systems; schools by the noise of children, the bell, squeaking sounds in the gym. The sonic spectrums can be attributed and learned. But what is the sound of a museum? It is usually nothing specific: the murmuring of visitors, the sound from media or acoustic works is not something that can be unequivocally attributed. This sound has been discovered in the course of an expedition through the house – it reverberates behind the scenes in every corner. The machine museum burbles, stomps, whirs or booms.

A project from the series RAUM LENTOS.
Curator: Magnus Hofmüller

Karin Fisslthaler
born 1981 in Oberndorf/Salzburg. Lives and works in Linz and Vienna.
2000–2008 Art University Linz, Institute for Visual Art and Cultural Studies
Since 2004 musician under the name Cherry Sunkist
Since 2006 member of the group Midimarschmusikkapelle
Exhibitions and festival screenings (2009/10), including:  
Galerie März, Linz "Neu im März"; Kunstverein das weisse Haus, Vienna "Transformers"; Kunstpavillon Innsbruck "Sound Characters"; Kunstraum Goethestrasse, Linz "Rabbits of Desire"; LENTOS Kunstmuseum Linz "Kreuzungspunkt Linz. Junge Kunst und Meisterwerke"; Künstlerhaus Salzburg "No Sound of Music"; Short Film Week Regensburg; 23rd Stuttgart Film Winter; International Short Film Festival Hamburg; Crossing Europe Film Festival, Linz; numerous concerts as Cherry Sunkist and performances with the Midimarschmusikkapelle in Austria and abroad.

Richard Eigner
born 1983 in Linz. Lives and works in Vienna and Linz.
As sound artist, composer and percussionist, he moves at the intersection between experimental acoustic music, improvisation and electronics.
For his "Denoising" series, he uses noise reduction algorithms to "denoise" the clamorous acoustic material from noise music and field recordings.
Collaborations with Flying Lotus, Dorian Concept, Patrick Wolf, Patrick Pulsinger, Franz Hautzinger, Dimlite, Didi Bruckmayer, Wolfgang Dorninger.
Concerts at Sónar Festival/Barcelona, RBMA/Melbourne, Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Störung Festival Barcelona, Tuned City Festival Berlin.

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Photo: © maschekS.