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Work by Asta Gröting: Parking

ASTA GRÖTING. Sculpture and Video

26 February to 9 May 2010

As soon as she finished her studies at the Art Academy Düsseldorf, the German artist Asta Gröting was already received as one of the leading positions in sculpture in the 1980s and exhibited world-wide. In the 1990s her work was marked by a media turn to the field of video art. Recently Gröting has increasingly devoted her attention to the production of objects again, so that she has meanwhile created a rich oeuvre in various media and material.

LENTOS is preparing the largest solo exhibition of the artist to date.
Sculptures from the late 1980s up to the present, video films and the extensive video series Die Innere Stimme/The Inner Voice, for which Gröting collaborated with international ventriloquists, are brought together in a survey show.

Asta Gröting's work is marked by an interest in living creatures, their physical and psychical presence, and in the conditions of different life plans.
Whether they are expansively large or discreetly integrated into the space, the sculptures are confident, material-conscious formulations of individual defining elements of complex systems. Whether internal organs of humans or animals are cast in glass or formed in latex, whether kinetic sculptures dominate the space with sparse movements, every form is based on a precise observation of existential physical or psychical processes. At the same time, an unveiling, an illumination takes place. The invisible is imbued with a material presence.

The exhibition will subsequently be shown at nbk. Neuer Berliner Kunstverein in a smaller version. A catalogue will be published with essays by Stella Rollig and Marius Babias and with numerous pictures of works.

Curator: Stella Rollig

Asta Gröting
1961 born in Herford, lives in Berlin
Studied at the Art Academy Düsseldorf with Klaus Rinke
Teacher at the Valand School of Fine Arts Göteborg, Städelschule Frankfurt, Academy of Fine Arts Munich, University of Kassel, the International Summer Academy in Salzburg and others
Since 2009 professor of sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts Braunschweig
Numerous international exhibitions
Most recent solo exhibitions:
2009 Asta Gröting: Sculpture 1987 to 2008, Henry Moore Sculpture Institute, Leeds
2007 Galerie Martin Janda, Vienna
2006 The Inner Voice, MARTa, Herford
2003 The Inner Voice/ it seems too loud to come from so far, Freud Museum, London. The Inner Voice/ Dead Air, TQW, Vienna

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Photo: © maschekS.