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work by Heinz Gappmayr: Opus

formulated. Convergences of Writing and Image

19 June to 30 August 2009

The exhibition distributed among several institutions seeks shared intersections: writers who draw – visual artists who write, works conjoining both modes and thus demonstrating a smooth transition between two genres of creative expression.

Three institutions have joined together for this genre-crossing art project: the LENTOS, the renowned literature institution StifterHaus Linz, and the Upper Austrian artists association MAERZ. Writing and image are cultural techniques that serve to leave traces of thoughts, either for oneself or for others and the insights and knowledge of posterity. The margins of writing and image confront us with interesting processes of perception. What happens if you try to read a drawing or grasp texts as images? The codes are different. The chances of success are consequently low. Yet borderline phenomena in the sense of what is not (yet) graphical and what is not (yet) textual and combinations of writing and image suggest manifold associations.

The exhibition in the LENTOS shows graphic works from the 20th and 21st century from the museum's own collection, which are supplemented with contemporary positions of young artists. Autographs from Egon Schiele, Gustav Klimt and Alfred Kubin are included in the exhibition as visual artifacts. Confronted with visual artistic works by Pierre Alechinsky, Henri Michaux or Othmar Zechyr, they imbue the exhibition with the potential of tension that alternates between the contents of written notations and their artistic view quality. A substantial contribution to the exhibition is a selection from a collection comprising over 300 Art Brut works from Gugging.

Curator: Brigitte Reutner
Exhibition Period: 19 June to 30 August 2009

The Artists Association MAERZ, which contributes works exclusively by members to this exhibition, has been a meeting point again and again since the late 1960s for the avant-gardist trends circulating under the label "visual poetry" – a transregional dialogue was started, which continues up to the present across various periods of intensity. Yet this has always involved not simply reacting to trends, but rather seeking to spark impulses starting from here.

Curators: Gerhard Brandl, Peter Sommerauer
Exhibition Period: 19 June to 24 July 2009

With small exhibitions in its Upper Austrian Literature Café, the StifterHaus seeks to at least tap into the theme of the interplay of writing and image, although a more in-depth engagement is unfortunately not possible at the time of this exhibition, due to the lack of space resources. In four brief solo exhibitions Anselm Glück, Richard Wall, Noemi Auer and Christoph Raffetseder /Rosemarie Heidler provide insights into their work, which deals with writing and image in very different ways.

Curators: Regina Pintar, Brigitte Reutner
19 June to 8 July 2009: Anselm Glück: Out of the series "auf das beste wartet man am längsten vergeblich" (2005)
10 July to 28 July 2009: Richard Wall: "Palimpseste"
31 July to18 August 2009: Noemi Auer: "Das Leben macht ein Angebot"
21 to 30 August 2009: Christoph Raffetseder/Rosemarie Heidler: "MAMA 09"

During the summer months of July and August the exhibition will also be expanded with two projects by Richard Wall (2 July to 14 August) and Christoph Raffetseder/Rosemarie Heidler (20 to 30 August) in the HAUS DER GESCHICHTEN/House of Stories, Pfarrplatz 18.

Opening of the Exhibition: 18 June, 6 p.m. at Artists Association MAERZ, 7 p.m. at the LENTOS


18 June, 8 p.m.: Reading Performance "X für U": Bodo Hell and Renald Deppe (Saxophone, Clarinet, Embouchures)

2 July, 7 p.m.: Guided Tour with the Curator Brigitte Reutner through all Exhibitions (Lentos, StifterHaus, HAUS DER GESCHICHTEN/House of Stories, Artists Association MAERZ)

9 July, 7 p.m.: Richard Wall and Renald Deppe: "Linienknoten Linz", Reading Performance with Saxophone

30 July, 7 p.m.: Noemi Auer: "Seeblinde Silben murren", ca. 15 Min., Performance

20 August, 7 p.m.: Christoph Raffetseder/Rosemarie Heidler: "ICH HABE IN HERZ AUS ACNYL GELATINE", Performance

Location: LENTOS, Basement, Graphic Rooms

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