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Work by Anne Schneider: Without title

ANNE SCHNEIDER. nothing without the body

24 October 2008 - 11 January 2009

For Anne Schneider, who holds one of the most prominent positions in Austria in the sculpting profession, sculpture is the embodiment of the moment of a psychodynamic constellation in space. Wax is one of her preferred materials. The design process occurs directly and without tools, solely with the hands, the fluid wax quickly congeals only granting a limited period of time for composition. The heads thereby created, presented in the Dialogues configuration, are psychological models, non-verbal portrayals of individually and collectively experienced, distinctive moments, which unveil social and political clichés and play with them.

The Pendulum incorporates such methods as elongation, deformation and potential "dislimitation", evoking - as with the heads - a reference to the human form. Incorporated found objects - things left behind in the course of living - simultaneously tell of both fleetingness and sustainability.

Sculpture is only one of Anne Schneider's mediums. She does however engage in space: Physical and psychological space, the search for its determiners and debris forms the artist's link to the multifaceted presentations, which range from classical sculpture to photography, video and painting all the way to space installation.

Anne Schneider, born 1965 in Enns, studied with Michelangelo Pistoletto at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts, numerous international solo and group exhibitions, residing and working in Vienna.