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Work by Köllerer Peter: Flucht

Peter Köllerer. 3–4–5

24 November 2006 to 18 February 2007

The museum breaks open its walls. The old ambition of the avant-garde of modernism, the unfinished agenda of the museum in the 21st century – Peter Köllerer translates it into images with which he radically changes the Lentos Collection rooms. The "White Cube" (Brian O´Doherty) of the presentation of painting surrenders its noble reserve.
Köllerer´s medium is photography. Photo wallpapers are applied directly to the walls of the painting cabinet - of the galleries 3, 4, and 5, which explains the title of Köllerer's work – opening up views into truly different spaces. Desolate locations, abandoned rooms, in which remains of office furniture, paper, rubbish are left as the props of obsolete activities. These places are the opposite of the museum space in every respect. Whereas the latter is cultivated, the former are neglected; whereas the museum, fully conscious of its power, ennobles everything it takes in, the virtually constructed rooms with all the leftover things in them have lost all value. With an additional element Köllerer brings a building that has disappeared in Linz into the museum: the former dairy in the Hopfengasse.

Peter Köllerer, born 1970 in Linz, studied sculpture at the Mozarteum, Salzburg, lives and works in Vienna.

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Photo: © maschekS.