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Work by Kandl Johanna: o.T. (Am Stausee von Vranov)

Johanna and Helmut Kandl. Fighters, Dreamers & Co

29 September 2006 to 14 January 2007

For Johanna and Helmut Kandl art is a means of shedding light on the world, on countries and regions, history, politics and the economy, and on other people. The exhibition uses paintings, video and installations to examine the social changes of the present time in which an unregulated market economy in the former socialist countries constitutes a type of avant-garde. In their examination, the Kandls do not focus on the global players but on the micro-economy and matters concerning private individuals.
Johanna Kandl's politically trenchant paintings are based on photographs taken on extensive travels through the former Eastern bloc and the Balkans: subtly painted genre scenes combined with slogans from the realms of marketing and motivational training that promise success.
Together with Helmut Kandl she produces videos that blend fact and fiction to create (im)probable stories from Central Europe and its borders.
Fighters, Dreamers & Co is the first extensive exhibition of Johanna and Helmut Kandl's work. A catalogue has been produced to accompany the exhibition.

Johanna Kandl (born 1954, lives and works in Vienna and Berlin)
Helmut Kandl (born 1953, lives and works in Vienna and Berlin)

The exhibition is supported by the Culture 2000 programme of the European Union as part of Translate (

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