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Acquisitions 2007


  • Kamen Stoyanov, Bicycle Parade, 2002
  • Johanna KandlUntitled (You never know what will happen next...), 2004
  • Inge Kracht, Energiezustand (2), 2006
  • Lisa Pock, Untitled, 2006
  • Helene Funke, In der Loge, about 1907
  • Sabine Bitter / Helmut Weber, Belgrade / Los Angeles # 4 aus der Serie Boulevards, Banlieus and Other Samples of Decorated Histories, 2007
  • Klaus Pinter, Cover N.Y.C, 1971 and Joe's Bar on the West Side, 1972
  • Andrew Phelps, Untitled from the series 4sided, 2004
  • Elisabeth Plank, Untitled, 1992
  • Julie Monaco, CS_01/3, 2003–2004 



  • Donation lentos.friends:
    Dietmar Brehm, Frisuren, 2004

  • Donation Volksbank Linz + Mühlviertel:
    Dorothee Golz, Unbeteiligter, 2007

  • Donation Gallery Ropac:
    Julius Deutschbauer, Autoritratto II

  • Donation Peter Baum:
    graphic works by Egon Hofmann, Ernst Len, Elfriede Trautner, Meina Schellander, Thomas Steiner and Klaus Liedl

  • Donation Dr. Hellmut und Norli Czerny:
    graphic works by Adolf Frohner, Günter Uecker, Roland Goeschl, Josef Mikl, Arnulf Rainer, Günter Kraus, and others 

  • Donation Mag. Maria and Mag. Gerald Fischer-Colbrie:
    Allan Jones, lithography from 1966

  • Donation Gernot Kinz:
    7 graphics by Rudolf Wernicke

  • Donation Gallery Ernst Hilger, Vienna:
    Julie Monaco, sv_01/6, 2006

  • Donations from artists:
  • Lois Renner, Wong Kar-Wie (Eifersucht), 2007
  • Dietmar Brehm, Landschaft (Schwarzensee), 2006

The LENTOS’s collections keep growing

Every year works of art are acquired to be integrated into the LENTOS’s holdings in connection with exhibitions, well established focal points of collecting and ongoing scholarly projects. These acquisitions are regularly supplemented by generous gifts and donations from artists and supporters of the Museum. Significant contributions are also made by the Friends of the LENTOS, the LENTOS Freunde.

To find out what works have been acquired by the LENTOS in the more recent past, check individual years from 2003 for an illustrated selection of newcomers.

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