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RAUM LENTOS is the LENTOS’s fast, unpredictable format operating at the interface between music, performance and the visual arts. A wide range of options is available for what is being staged or produced: concerts, interventions, exhibitions, workshops or spatial situations.

As the museum’s lab, RAUM LENTOS is a venue whose audiences know its expectation will be far from just met. People who come here know they are in for a surprise, a challenge of some kind; they may even be expected to join in. An important aspect is coping with the spatial situation, the building, its environs.

This is not only about generating a discursive process; it’s a game, with the focus perhaps on what is given, what is predetermined. Artists embark on expeditions, observe, select, set to work and finally display the results of the whole process.

Curator: Magnus Hofmüller

RAUM LENTOS events to date

RAUM LENTOS | Volmar Klien
Sound Installation for a Room with a View

15 June–10 September 2018

The LENTOS invites you to an auditory journey in the reading room and brings the acoustic soundscape of the city into the museum. The artist Volkmar Klien combines inside with outside and seeing with hearing through the 8-channel audio installation.

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