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Artist Talk with Anita Witek

  • Portrait Anita Witek
  • Anita Witek, "Animal magnetism" from the series "Unforeseeable Occurencies", 2023


Date Title Time
Thu 23.03Artist Talk with Anita Witek 6:00 pm–7:00 pm

The central focus of Anita Witek’s artistic œuvre are our visual habits and the veracity of pictures and texts appearing in the mass media, which she questions by taking the medium of photography as her point of departure. The artist is interested in the specific content that photographs capture over and beyond their primary subjects and which she uses as material for her collages. Her works expose the hidden aesthetic and ideological contents of the originals she uses and turn these into the subject of independent associative stories told through pictures. The Lentos is presenting Anita Witek’s most recent works which were created in the wake of the pandemic and the mood of social upheaval it triggered. 

Together with Lentos Director Hemma Schmutz, Anita Witek will guide you through her exhibition. No registration needed („first-come-first-ser­­­­ved“)

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Guided Tour1
plus admission fee
  1. German only

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