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Eintauchen” Lentos Podcast

The Lentos Podcast is a series of talks on current exhibitions. We start with the curator and then invite other guests to discuss our exhibition. The topics of the podcast are linked to societal and social questions raised by the artistic positions. They make it possible to delve deeply into them, even outside the museum, and thus provide food for thought for your own visit to the exhibition.

Our next dates: 

Wed 6.10.21

Podcast with Gabriele Schor, curator of the exhibition Female Sensibility and founding director of the SAMMLUNG VERBUND 

Thur 4.11.21
Podcast with Hanna Hacker Sociologist and historian, focus on feminism, queer studies and postcolonial theory. 

You can listen to all current and past podcasts here. 

You can also listen to our podcast on Spotify.
*We ask for your understanding that we only offer the podcasts in German language only.

Podcasts: Transformation and Recurrence

In the context of the exhibition Transformation and Recurrence. Reflections on Radical Nationalisms in Contemporary Art, we talked to experts, researchers and artists about right-wing extremism, nationalism and the show at Lentos. 

  • Henrike Naumann and Nina Prader on the work "Bauhaus"

    The artists Henrike Naumann and Nina Prader negotiate what it means to find a visual language for right-wing radicalization from the privileged middle-class milieu. The joint publication on Naumann’s work Untitled” will be presented, a work by Naumann in 2013, in which she researched in relation to the right-wing scenes in Saxony. For this, she searched on Facebook for her old classmates who radicalized to the right in the 1990s. Based on this, she created an archive of everyday right-wing reality. *German only

  • Andreas Peham, right-wing extremism expert, Documentation Center of Austrian Resistance

    The DÖW observes the extreme and extremist right in all its areas, differentiations and overlaps. The central result of these meticulous long-term observations is the connection between the criminal and the extreme right milieus. Peham is able to demonstrate the enormous militarization, which has been made possible by the Internet, globalization and radicalization of these milieus. *German only

  • Agnieszka Pasieka, cultural anthropologist, on her field research on radical nationalist groups

    Agnieszka Pasieka, a cultural anthropologist based at the Universities of Vienna and Yael, has spent years of field research investigating right-wing extremist and radical nationalist groups and organizations from the inside. Her findings are extraordinarily surprising and, above all, challenge entrenched explanatory patterns from the left-liberal, academic environment. *German only

  • Klaus Schönberger, Professor of Cultural Anthropology at the Alpe-Adria University Klagenfurt, about the movement of the new right wing

    Based on the work Laminat (Victim)” by artist Markus Proschek, Klaus Schönberger analyzes historical constructions of the Identitarians. These show parallels to the beginnings of the Nazi movement like no other right-wing extremist movement.

  • Transformation and Recurrence with Curator Markus Proschek

    The curator of the exhibition Markus Proschek talks with Karin Schneider, Head of Art Education at the Lentos.

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