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24 June until 18 September 2016

Ingeborg Strobl’s work is to be read as a narrative continued, as a fabric where each thread is interwoven with another. Appropriating, highlighting, correlating are all mainstays of the approach with which she charges her material with new meaning. Strobl’s principal media include collage, photography, offset print/artist’s book, watercolour, and video. But her oeuvre also comprises large-scale art-in-architecture designs. When working on small-scale formats, she does so out of conviction, taking a deliberate stand against overproduction, consumption, and wasted resources. The trivial and the incidental, the objects found along the wayside of life, the unintentional poetry of nature, and the unconscious curiosity of human endeavour are all captured in the fine meshwork of Strobl’s attention and then, artistically rendered, in the exhibition space itself.

Leading Austrian art houses have dedicated solo exhibitions to Strobl’s works, including the Vienna Secession (1992) and the Kunsthaus Bregenz (1999). She is also the recipient of several art prizes. In 1987, she founded the influential group Die Damen with Ona B., Evelyne Egerer and Birgit Jürgenssen, and remained a member until 1992.

Ingeborg Strobl continues the series of solo exhibitions featuring Austria’s leading contemporary artists at the LENTOS Art Museum. For the large exhibition hall at LENTOS she has created a presentation that freely associates works from all phases of her oeuvre.

Curator: Stella Rollig


The book Ingeborg Strobl is published by Verlag für moderne Kunst to coincide with the exhibition and features an essay by Stella Rollig (144 pages, richly illustrated with colour photographs, German/English, ISBN 978-3-903131-24-8), € 24

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Thursday, 23 June, 7.30 pm
(together with the exhibition Béatrice Dreux)
Free admission 

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