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Teresa Präauer, STARS, 2016 (Videostill)

STARS. Teresa Präauer

A Piece for Seven Screens

18 March– 5 June 2016

Opening: 17 March 2016, 7 P.M.
Taking the magic number seven as her starting point, Teresa Präauer sets off with us on a journey into the system of the stars. The precisely designed text intervention, mounted on seven screens at the intersection between public space and museum space, interacts and communicates with the viewers while carrying on a dialog with itself at the same moment. It forms a presumptuous autopoietic system for itself, which also offers graphical references in between direct address, discussion, and descriptive passages.

 STARS speaks about the sky, about touchscreens and likes, about black and white, about the sun and the stars. In this play with language and text the screen is used as a display on the one hand, on the other it takes the alleged multi-functionality of the screen to the point of absurdity. The magic number seven – according to Miller’s Law the amount of information that can be processed simultaneously by human short-term memory – and the creative engagement derived from this famous psychological phenomenon by the designer couple Charles and Ray Eames were the curatorial basis for this exploration. Artistic inspiration came from the geometrical grid of the starry sky in sacral ceiling arches.

 Curator: Magnus Hofmüller

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Foto: © RAUM LENTOS / Magnus Hofmüller