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From the LENTOS’s collection

1 February to 12 May 2019

This exhibition raises the question of how to account for the fascination photography has continued to exert from its beginnings to the present day. What is the essence of photography? 180 years after the invention of photography it has retained its mythical quality: the magic connection that exists between an object and its depiction. The exhibition deals with photography as art and presents movements and individual photographers in the era spanning the birth of the medium in the mid-19th century to our times.

Curators: Rainer Iglar, Michael Mauracher


Irene Andessner • Eduard-Denis Baldus • Lewis Baltz • Peter Baum • Herbert Bayer • Antonio Beato • Wilhelm Burger • Julia Margaret Cameron • Étienne Carjat • Heinz Cibulka • Elisabeth Czihak und Walter Ebenhofer • Sepp Dreissinger • William Eggleston • Frederick H. Evans • Roger Fenton • Trude Fleischmann • Bernhard Fuchs • William Henry Fox Talbot • David Goldblatt • Katharina Gruzei • Raoul Hausmann • Heinrich Heidersberger • Christine & Irene Hohenbüchler, Jerzy Caryk & Krzysztof Zukowski • Candida Höfer • Franz Hubmann • Leo Kandl • Herwig Kempinger • André Kertész • Paul Kranzler • Heinrich Kühn • Paul Albert Leitner • Erich Lessing • Fritz Macho • John Jabez Edwin Mayall • Emil Mayer • Inge Morath • László Moholy-Nagy • Nadar (Gaspard Félix Tournachon) • Walter Peterhans • Man Ray • Oscar Gustave Rejlander • Alexander Rodtschenko • Christoph Scharff • Pascal Sébah • Alfred Seiland • Eduard J. Steichen • Josef Sudek • Massimo Vitali • Christian Wachter • WEEGEE (Arthur Fellig)


Thursday, 31 January, 7 pm

with Lassnig – Rainer. The Early Work
Free admission

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