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30 October 2020 to 18 April 2021

At the Lentos cabinet, Luciano Castelli (b. 1951) issues an invitation to the art nouveau villa Reckenbühl in Luzern, where the artist and his housemates celebrated life as an elaborately arranged party. The villa's rooms provided the backdrop for his photo series, most of which were shot with self-timer, making Castelli a pioneer of gender blurring.

Castelli made portraits of his friends and self-portraits, his Glimmerbilder, as he called them, and created erotically charged objects, which are placed on display for the first time in Austria. The members of this residential community embodied the transgressive, youthful spirit of the 1970s in an exemplary manner.

The Swiss concept artist, painter, photographer, punk musician and performer was a formative influence on Berlin's Neue Wilde from the late 1970s. Alongside Patti Smith he is the most important protagonist in Franz Gertsch’s paintings from that period, which are featured by a simultaneous exhibition at the Great Hall of the Lentos.

An exhibition of the Museum Franz Gertsch in collaboration with the Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz.

Overall concept: Angelika Affentranger-Kirchrath on behalf of the Museum Franz Gertsch, Burgdorf
Curator at the Lentos: Elisabeth Nowak-Thaller

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